A selection of organisations and product suites includes:

As a leading global information technology corporation, HP specialises in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware, designing software and delivering services. Major product lines include personal computing devices, enterprise, and industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a diverse range of printers, and other imaging products.


FSI is a leader in the field in Computer Aided Facilities Management Software (CAFM Software). FSI’s products span are able to meet a range of FM requirements: from simple maintenance scheduling at a single location through to enterprise level asset management and control for an entire multinational corporation


Actifio is a global leader in data management. Its Copy Data Virtualisation systems are designed to make information technology infrastructure more efficient and cost effective by reducing the copies of computer data an organisation must keep. The Actifio model decouples data from infrastructure, enabling the capture of data from production applications and manages the data economically and efficiently, and use virtual or physical copies of the data when required.


CloudCentral is a leading Australian cloud platform provider focussed on providing wholesale cloud services to Australian ICT companies. It provides a range of products, including cloud services, virtual private cloud, platform as a Service, and Desktop as a Service


Amazon Web Services provides a cost effective and secure cloud computing platform that is instantaneous and scalable and language and operating system agnostic. AWS solution include Application hosting, back-up and recovery services, content delivery services, web hosting, hosted enterprise IT, and hosted enterprise database software.


Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of data communications and telecommunications equipment and networking software. Its product suite supports mobile transactions in an array of business enterprises and Government Agencies.