Systems Integration

Integration Services

Individual solutions are only one piece in the overall enterprise management systems environment and must fit in with the other components in order to work effectively, simplify and automate business processes, and realise the intended business value.  Aquasora is experienced in integrating point solutions with other business applications through a variety of techniques including simple file transfers, middleware tools or web services.  This overcomes the challenge of linking various systems that may reside on different operating systems, use different database solutions, different computer languages, or are legacy systems that no longer have vendor support.

Change Management

When introducing a new system, an effective change management strategy is essential for a successful implementation.  Aquasora works with key stakeholders to understand business requirements, address opportunities for improvement and identify the impacts of new processes on the organisation and its people, and execute plans to support transformation and overcome resistance to change.

Education and Training

Training delivery is tightly integrated into project implementation.  This training provides product knowledge to implementation team members early in the project to ensure effective and efficient utilisation of the solution. On-site, customer specific training enables an environment to consider and discuss particular requirements, enhance stakeholder involvement and highlight potential issues.  As part of this service, Aquasora may be engaged to develop tailored user guides and quick reference material to reflect the client’s business processes and practices.  Additional training services are available post-implementation and include release delta training, refresher courses and education in additional modules