Procurement Services

Aquasora is able to build relationships between ICT management, the organisation, and suppliers by assisting in sourcing and procurement, vendor management, and contract management.  This expertise contributes to the efficiency, productivity and success of the client organisation.

Vendor Management

Aquasora provides a key interface service to improve the relationship between supply and demand.  In providing this service, consultants ensure that vendors understand client requirements and expectations and meet contractual obligations, client stakeholders understanding what they’re buying, and vendors are informed of developments and/ or changes that might affect demand so to improve efficiency and reduce supply risk.


Aquasora provides services throughout the procurement lifecycle and enable client to realise sustainable benefits and process efficiencies.  Consultants have expertise in procurement strategy development; business analysis and requirements refinement; procurement management, including services spanning the tender process through to performance management and supplier evaluation; and strategic sourcing and supply chain management.

Contract Management

Aquasora’s contract management framework spans contract creation processes, from proposal analysis through to contract negotiations; maintenance processes including updates and variations; management processes such as contract close, amendments, renewals, and compliance; and contract performance reporting and reviews. Aquasora consultants enable the realisation of negotiated benefits, risk minimisation, contract compliance, and optimum supplier performance.