Consulting Services

Strategy Development

The key to sustainable business benefits is the alignment of ICT plans with business objectives. Aquasora works with executives to develop strategies, business and ICT plans, provide an independent view on all facets of technology management, and participate in building a case for change and plan for transformation.


As a strategy or plan is a living document and changes in response to new organisational circumstances and priorities, new technologies, and a growing understanding of user needs and business objectives, Aquasora can assist with the ongoing review and update process.

Business Case Development

To support the case for change, Aquasora works with clients to develop the business case for new initiatives. This may include articulating objectives and outcomes, assessing feasibility, defining and costing the solution and implementation requirements, undertaking risk assessments and documenting the anticipated benefits and return on investment.

Strategy and Systems Reviews

Aquasora can review ICT systems, identify problems and make practical recommendations to optimise business operations. Our review processes incorporates the analysis of business strategy, business processes, and the adequacy of legacy ICT systems and/or newly implemented or intended systems to meet a clients’ business objectives.


ICT Strategy and Planning
The review of strategies and plans to align organisation’s ICT capabilities with broader business goals.

ICT Efficiency and Improvement
Review of client ICT procurement plans and the provision of recommendations to optimise ICT spend by utilising the best technology to fulfill business outcomes.

Process, Planning, Risk and Governance
Review ICT systems to quantify the latent risk and provide recommendations to remediate immediate risks and establish frameworks to actively mitigate and manage business risk.

Business Application Review
Aquasora is experienced in analysing existing business environments and recommending a roadmap for realising better value from existing ICT investments and/or making recommendations to consider new technology.

Big Data, Mobility, Cloud and Social Media
Aquasora can also review systems and make recommendations to assist clients to realise the business advantages by leveraging big data, mobility, virtualisation and cloud, and social media.