Working with executives to develop strategies, review and create business and ICT plans, provide an independent view on all facets of technology management, and participate in building a case for change and plan for transformation.

Managed Services

Managed Services offers a complete all-in-one solution, where consultants can be responsible for all forms of an organisation’s hosting service provision, systems maintenance support services, and backup and disaster recovery services to ensure business continuity.

Systems Integration

Aquasora is experienced in integrating point solutions with other business applications through a variety of techniques. We also provide change management and education and training consulting services to optimise the effectiveness of business systems.

Project Management

Utilising core project management capabilities, business acumen, and experience to manage the risk from client projects and large scale programs comprising multiple related projects.

Procurement Services

We are able to build relationships between ICT management, the organisation, and suppliers by assisting in sourcing and procurement, vendor management, and contract management.