Our Approach


The project initiation process brings together all of the information required to commence the project and ensures that there is a joint understanding to the project requirements and objectives. Our initiation process includes:

  • Clarification of the project purpose and justification
  • Stakeholder – needs analysis
  • Designation of user requirements
  • Establishment of clear and shared project objectives
  • Generation of options to deliver the project objectives
  • Evaluation of options and selection of the most appropriate
  • Documentation of this process as the Project Proposal/Definition Document

Aquasora’s planning process incorporates the:

  • Development of an approach that met the client’s requirements
  • Definition of the resource requirements and project schedule

Critical supporting plans and frameworks include the:

  • Development of a risk management framework to manage the identified project risks for each migration stage and developed a risk management plan and process.
  • Monitoring and management of project risks – stakeholder meetings and remediation action plans
  • Establishment of the project governance structure – scheduled progress and performance meetings and project reporting plan; and a testing process involving defined approach and team structure
  • Articulation of a stakeholder management process within the project by facilitated meetings, project reporting, executive presentations and exercising a defined escalation process to project sponsor and senior executives as required


Analyse & Design

Aquasora works with clients to develop an ICT plan that defines and supports the structure and operation of their organisation.  This begins with an analysis of existing platforms, solutions and business processes, and the identification of gaps and limitations in achieving business objectives.  Architecture services provide the blueprint for information technology capabilities comprising hardware, operating systems, programming, applications, and networking solutions can best support its current and future business objectives.


Solution design capabilities enable business requirements definition and solution specification development that is aligned with the organisation’s architecture design and business needs.  This combination of business acumen, collaboration, application expertise, and alliances with the leading enterprise applications vendors enables innovative solutions to support an organisation’s current and future business requirements.



Aquasora’s implementation Services deliver operational outcomes from business case recommendations.  Whether upgrading existing systems, migrating from legacy systems or planning new installations, Aquasora employs a proven, structured approach to implement solutions, underpinned by robust project management, flexible training and education, and change management services.

The implementation service is scalable, customisable, and leverages Analysis and Design services to cover planning, solution build, test and certification, through to deployment and support cycles.



The strength of the Aquaora consulting model is realised by long-term partnerships with our clients and active solutions management.


MANAGE – Systems maintenance support services keep critical enterprise systems functioning to deliver required performance, security and reliability.  This service incorporates the management and maintenance of configuration, integration, ongoing quality assurance, issue resolution and support, as well as systems enhancements and upgrades.  Support can address all solution components including networks, servers, desktop systems, mobile devices and peripherals, business systems, software applications, and more.


EVOLVE – By maintaining ongoing stakeholder communications, solution reviews, and the presentation of contemporary solution models, Aquasora assists clients to optimise business outcomes as business requirements change, technological evolves and the commercial landscape shifts.